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About the BFC Board of Missions

The Board of Missions is delegated by BFC Conference to direct and promote the missions program of the Bible Fellowship Church, and to select, oversee, and care for its missionaries who serve in foreign countries and the United States of America in ministries other than Bible Fellowship Churches and Agencies, except where cooperative ventures in cross-cultural church planting have been developed with the Board of Church Extension.

The Board of Missions is composed of thirteen members, including the Director, ordained ministers, laypersons and former missionaries.

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Our Mission:
The Bible Fellowship Church is committed to the work of world evangelization based on an Acts 1:8 strategy.

The purpose of the Bible Fellowship Church Board of Missions is to the Bible Fellowship Churches in fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ.  This is accomplished by directing and promoting the missions program, as well as selecting, overseeing, and caring for the missionaries of the Bible Fellowship Church.  This is done in cooperation with the local church and sending mission agency.  The scope of this work extends to all the world, to all people groups, and to present and future generations.

Our Vision:
Increase the meaningfulness and effectiveness of the local church’s involvement in world evangelism.

Meet Our Team

Dr. James Arcieri
610-398-8776 x 104 (o)
757-642-1635 (c)

Office & Accounting Manager
Julie Sebastian
610-398-8776 x 102

Administrative Assistant
Jodi Shorb
610-398-8776 x 101